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Terms and Conditions

  • By implicitly or explicitly obeying for following terms and conditions, customer also going to accept and obey for the policies of online shopping site for leather products. Guest user or a registered one both will accept our terms and policies when you use our site. For third party sellers couple of additional conditions will be applied. If user doesn’t like to get bounded for the terms and policies mentioned by then user should not subscribe.
  • Here the customers are the users who use this leather products site and buy products. Service providers are nothing but the sellers or some third parties who are independent service providers.
  • Our site keeps an electric log regarding the usage of the website by a particular user, for this we do not need any kind of agreement or digital signatures or any documents from user.
  • works on the terms and conditions of an IT Act, 2000 and from time to time the rules and principles will be applied. This website is working from Sector 11, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400614, India. The site holds all the rights reserved.
  • com acts as a market for sales and which is not directly participating in transactions between the sellers and buyers/customers. Hence our site does not monitor the morality, safety, quality or any legality regarding the listed products aspects.
  • com cannot transfer any kind of ownership of leather products which is legal from sellers to buyers. Third party seller always get subjected to the terms and conditions from time to time regarding the special offers, discounts, contests, vouchers etc. Sellers take the responsibility of the offers but this site will not accept.
  • We always reserve the freedom to modify the terms and conditions whenever it is necessary for the progress or validation. will not be responsible for the damage caused by the users or shipping issues. Seller will monitor all those issues, but we definitely provide an interface for customer to contact and resolve their issues.
  • Terms and conditions will continue to be applied for the users until the customer gets terminated or terminates them.
  • User can terminate the account either by unsubscribing, or not using website for longer durations.
  • Any frauds or illegal activities carried by the user on website then the respective individual need to face law enforcement policies and legal actions will be taken.
  • We believe that user will be at least 18 years aged person and can accept the terms and conditions of our site.
  • Any person can use the website as a registered user by signing up or can just act as a guest. Guest will not avail all the benefits on leather products like special discounts, seasonal sales and so on.
  • If you find any hacking, internet abusive activities then immediately contact our support section.
  • Details of the user like name, phone numbers, bank details, location etc. will be kept confidential unless it is needed for judiciary institution or for some law enforcement.
  • If our support and work group gets any doubt regarding the use of fake data or any details then right way we’ll terminate such kind of customers.
  • It is also user responsibility to keep the username, password and any other sensitive data to be safe. Website will never take the blame of user irresponsibility. We are not responsible for any such damage or loss caused.
  • Product selection, returns, refund, shipping, payments all these processes will be encapsulated with the relevant terms and conditions.
  • Sale happening in the website is completely bounded to seller and buyer nature. Seller takes whole responsibility of delivering the product to customer in a specified time. There can be slight changes in the shipping time in exceptional circumstances.
  • The leather products shown on the is only for reference, in real the product may slightly vary when compared to the image displayed. disclaims all kind of liability originating from any discrepancies occurrence.
  • com also disclaims the assurance for the exactness of finishing, size, brand, quality of the leather product as per the displayed image. Specification of leather products is completely a seller responsibility. Slight changes observed only when the product availability issue arises.
  • The cost of the leather product can be incremented without sending any prior notice to user no matter whether the user added the product to wish list. In such revision of prices of the product disclaims every liability or claims caused from such price revision processes.
  • Price mentioned in is in dollars and the price can slightly vary as per the terms and conditions of the brand and the seller. When user initiates any transaction then the user and the seller enters into an enforceable contract and a legal bonding as per the payment modes accepted by the website and seller.
  • com will not charge money for the registration or browsing activities. Our site can take an entry for agreements with payment gateway facilitated by third party authorized from RBI and other financial institutions.
  • We also hold policies for shipping, returns, privacy. Please do visit respective sections for more information regarding our all policies, terms and conditions.

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