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Shipping policy

What will be the shipping/delivery charges?
Delivery charges changes according to the seller. Sellers acquire relatively high shipping charges on less price products. In such scenarios, charging a calculated nominal shipping charge will be helpful to manage their counterbalance logistics expenses. Some Sellers can be waived off by shipping costs in cases of minimum value purchases.

Consider an example where 40 rupees shipping charges charged for the purchase of product worth less than 500 rupees. In case purchase worth is more than 500 rupees then it’s a free delivery. This is just one such example.

What is the estimated shipping time for a product?
Sellers usually acquire and dispatch the leather products within the time bound specific on the leather product section except on Sundays and public holidays.

Delivery time estimation mainly inter dependent on these attributes which are

  1. Availability of the leather product.
  2. Merchant who is offering the leather clothing.
  3. Locality of the seller and the buyer.
  4. Political disruptions.
  5. Climatic changes. 

When can Early or delayed shipping timeline happens?
We try our best to stick to specified time bound. In case the product reached your locality early then you might get early shipping. Delayed shipping might be faced in rare cases when some courier or shipping franchises don’t work on Sunday.

Where there is a probability of delay in shipping of the leather Products, the customer may get notification regarding the delay update. However, there is no refunds might be possibly claimed by the customer for any such kind of delay in shipping of the leather Products, which was occurred because of the reasons outside the management of the seller or from website. 

Is there any secret cost or tax on any products sold?
No such prices will be charged. What is there on the product page is the final inclusive price which you should pay.

Shipping charges doesn’t come under hidden charges. In rare cases you might be charged little extra delivery price as per sellers shipping policy. 

How processing the multiple orders in a single transaction will occur?
In scenarios where User buys more than one leather Product in a single transaction. Then user might get all the products at same time or different item at different times. This also depends on the availability of the leather product which user interested to buy

In case buyer likes o get the leather items get delivered to different locations it is possible. In such conditions buyer must perform different transactions and provide different location details for different products. As per the location and leather item the delivery price will be charged. The product can be received by the person whose name mentioned while placing the order.

For each seller why does the shipping time changes?
Shipping depends mainly on the location of the seller, availability of the leather product, destination location and courier services.

To confirm the delivery timing, first enter the locality pin code and verify. You’ll know complete details of shipping time and cost of shipping the leather product to your locality mentioned.

Why COD choice is not available in some geographic locations?
Accessibility of cash on delivery facility completely depends on the capability of shipping or courier associate servicing your geographic location to obey payment in during shipping. By entering your pin code you can get to know whether your location gets a free delivery or not.

Is there an international delivery available?
No, we deliver our leather products within India only. In future we might bring an international delivery too.

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