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Privacy policy

  • Keeping the user data and transaction confident is the vital role. We never misuse user data, keeping user data confidential is our responsibility along with the business.
  • We only look for your data which is mandatory for us for shipping or contacting for further processing of the leather product sold on
  • User data will be kept as long as we either need it for any relevant need for which the information was gathered or in case of law.
  • User can just visit the website and start browsing without giving any kind of personal information. We can significantly identify you only when you bear an account on our site.
  • User can sign up with an email id and password with some general information then you can login with user id and password and start shopping.
  • When user wishes to place an order then website asks some additional information regarding user such as shipping address, phone number, alternative email id etc.
  • Information about the user will be only stored for the future transaction reference. It will be helpful for the customer for the future leather product claims.
  • The data will be collected for the purchase of leather item is user name, shipping address, email id, mobile number or telephone number, payment mode(debit/credit/cod), details of bank account, destination address.
  • The details of the usage of the site history of user might be stored.
  • User data will be utilized to process an order placed by the user. This data will also be useful for us to send a notification for the user regarding the delivery of the leather item.
  • We might share the name and locality details with shipping franchises for the shipping of the product purchased by the customer.
  • We might also share customer data with payment gateway operator, law enforcements, sellers, service provider, employees, judicial institution.
  • Customer information will also be stored to detect any website abuse or frauds.
  • We believe that the data collected from buyer is true, updated, and valid information. We also believe that if you are using any third party detail we consider that the third party obeyed you to use their data.
  • We expect harmless behavior with our agents, courier franchises, officers, customer care. Misbehavior with our partner members will not be tolerated and it’ll cause a breach in the policy.
  • Customer order placement details will be stored in the website and a user can login and check for the related data.
  • We are not responsible for any misuse of passwords, hence user also need to keep their data confidential from others.
  • For the location based offers and new services we might make use of your geographic location.
  • Cookies need to be allowed for the better identification of user and make the work ease. The device details will be logged in the website. You can deny if not interested to store a cookie or some tiny text files. The usage of cookies can make the user buying leather items from our site much easy and nicer.
  • Your social network details if provided then we might show products as per your views and purchases, advertisements can be done to make the user experience better and better.

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